Eco Theology

The Buddhists know we are the earth, for without the earth, we could not exist. So, like a mirror, we hold the earth in front of us and ask, “Who am I.”

The Jews begin with food, the relationship. We interact with earth primarily through how we eat, an awareness of why we’re eating something. Is it to further relationship or own self fulfillment? The divine spark of life can be raised in eating as well as in abstaining.

The Swinomish Tribe sees nature as the primary text of wisdom through which the Spirit speaks. Ceremony, drum, as a way of connecting with the earth and the constant vibration of love, union and wisdom. It is always in the present moment, go back to the fire – fast, wait, listen for the word of Spirit through Creation.

The Muslim expand environment to include the inner self and the unseen. We see only a portion of our vast world, yet we are trustees of it. Creation is a teacher and is balanced. When we make it unbalanced, there will be warning signs and consequences. Nature, has a very strong life force.

The Christians know we are stewards of the earth, to tend and care for it. The bravest invite us to see the earth as God’s body, and to see it, and care for it as a practice of love to God.

Happy Earth Day – possibly the first interfaith holiday. We are all connected to each other, because we are all connected to the earth.


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