The Parable of the Flower

One day, a mother went out into her garden and found the most beautiful, exquisite flower. Knowing there was something very special and profoundly true about this flower, she invited her entire neighborhood over to witness it’s splendor. The greatest minds of her community meditated day and night on this flower, discovering sublime insights about the nature of it, themselves, and all creation. This went on for some time, and everyone benefitted from it’s presence.

In another place, time, another person went into their garden and found a different, yet still special, profoundly true flower. In much the same way as the other discovery, the flower benefitted the community in which it was grown in many ways, large and small.

This happened again and again in the course of history. And as time passed, as it often does, these different communities began to meet each other. However, instead of gathering together and combining their shared wisdom to perhaps discover more complex wisdom, they fought. The fought over whose was more beautiful, more true, more beneficial. In no time at all, the people were behaving contrary to their wisdom, yet saying this was exactly what their beautiful, true flower had revealed to them.

As the people fought, the flowers grew crippled in their beauty, their truth, until it was hard to tell that they were even flowers anymore. Some now died from neglect and oppression, taking their beauty and truth into the void of death.

Yet, still the Great Compassion that each flower revealed in their special way, existed. And some, perhaps even you, can again cultivate the beauty, the truth that has been crippled or lost.