I like to store notes, melodies
In my pocket
Short little phrases that speak
Of the absolute mystery
We call existence


And then on rainy days
When it’s hard for me to hear
the music of my life
I take them out
Cup them close to my ear

And remember


12 thoughts on “Keepsake

  1. Loved this one, Meggie! Even got me thinking on what it is to read your writing, notes, poems, and songs….

    Warm words of remembrance, on the cold days standing in the rain. Moments of tears and laughter, happiness and mystery play the same. I so enjoyed hearing your words, on this cool now autumn day. So far beneath the Equator, as I listen to the pocket notes. Your words and your melodies, they share their moments across time. Distance in faraway places, writing notes that shall never fade. As the sounds of a music lived, the way you share your writing up above. Like songs of remembrance, in every moment passing by in seasons. Your words, notes, and songs, well shared, read and spoken…

      • Reading, writing, and responding, what a trio, they make for distant conversations, where they travel within our echos of moments passing between thoughts in the experiences shared 🙂 Thanks, Meggie!! It feels good as a way to break the monotony of some moments on occasions.

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