Familiar (or Residual Effects Part II)

It never ceases to amaze me:
How easily the rifle sits across my shoulder
As if its sling has made a permanent indention
The way I shrug into its weight, and even when
I bend over
I’m careful, unconsciously, so as to protect my barrel
From striking the floor
Or dirt

It is a part of me.

I stand all day
Not noticing the slight lean of my body
The subtle, absent-minded rub
The sudden, terror grab
Because after awhile I don’t even notice it
And fear I may have left it
Somewhere, where I’m not
But it’s still there
Slung across my back
And as I grip it hard and press it close to my body
I breathe a sigh of relief
Because it’s still there

It’s still there

(Residual Effects)


6 thoughts on “Familiar (or Residual Effects Part II)

  1. There’s always something I learn from your stuff, Meggie. This time it’s the feel of a rifle on my shoulder. Reading it, I felt like it was me holding it. Great stuff. Really!

  2. Top write, Meggie… A good feeling to know when we have not forgotten something, and that we remember how to care for it, even though it’s weight sometimes fails to remind us, it’s there. Reminds me of some aspects to surveying, with its essentials to do the job, hundreds of miles from nowhere, miles in to the bush. Have to remember to keep everything moving from one station to the next, all along a narrow line cut with brush-hook, and axe. All of which needs to be kept in top condition, and lugged through some wild country.

    How’s the band going?

    • yes, exactly – how you’re equipment, which is so necessary, becomes almost an extension of yourself.

      band is going great! we have three more original songs we’re trying to hash out, so that’s an EP!!!!

      • we haven’t recorded any videos lately, but i’ll post ’em as we do! we actually haven’t been using a mic, just what the camera itself picks up. but someday, maybe a more professional recording 🙂

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