Institution/s/autonomous ego
Epistemology (How DO we know what we know?)
Science as the only mode of inquiry/despair
Hugs/hand grenades
Art as revelation
Truth as poetry
Beauty in a mathematical equation


We (can?) change the outcome by observing it


6 thoughts on “Postmodernity

  1. I liked how the lines flip from positive to negative, based on someone’s perspective. The line hugs/hand grenades is so moving. Both are accomplished by the extension of the arm, yet both have varied outcomes. I like it.

  2. Hi Meggie , you have an excellent blog.Thank you so much for following my website.,Warm wishes.jalal

  3. The intertwining of singularities with dualities,
    1 to 1, 2 to 1, 3 to 1, returning 1 to 1 (music of the verse, its rhythm within equations).

    Pondering structure and arrangement above. Pondering thoughts and collective below. Together, each completes one another as companions in your words on “Postmodernity”, impressive writing in such a subtle way, something that appears in your challenges to the realm of words often. I think this is why I find myself coming back to listen… Or maybe it’s just the fact that you play Rugby, and share the Music you help make-create! The thoughts and collective….

    We know what we know with the passing of time, though what we know, may not be what history and time have known. For both like ancient dust all caught in a wind, fade as the days of each where the many seasons pass. As does beauty rests with simplicity, complexity and chaos show no favours in the physics of mathematical strings to arrangements. For all is art, and born to their poetry, both in all, listen and converse, before, during, and after time, within the known, and unknown verses. With or with out us…

    • wow, i’m very impressed that you noticed how the structure itself is revealing our current struggle (or break) with old ways of being – dualistic in mode to more of a spectrum or continuum.

      and thank you for the compliment, means so much coming from a person who’s writing i admire, who inspires me through space and time. even your comments!

      and of course, us ruggers have to stick together!

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