Imagine trying to describe a sunset to a blind person,
When even its heat has cooled from your cheeks,
No sense of smell,
Or touch can enter the equation
Certainly not sound, you can’t hear a sunset
How can you convey the majesty, beauty of a sunset
When it is completely removed from the apparatus used
To experience that beauty
That majesty?

Perhaps you tell a story
Use symbol, metaphor, analogy
Of taste, touch, sound
Never fully evoking the truth of a sunset

This doesn’t make the sunset
Or your story
A lie

It merely reflects the inadequacies of language

Our best myths are like this, reflecting an inability to fully articulate
Some deeply known truth
This great, cosmic narrative we call life
Things we often forget in the day-to-day drudgeries
But every so often, the eternity in a moment grips us
And we can’t
Describe it

Like we should, the blind person knows, intuitively
That a sunset is majestic, beautiful



2 thoughts on “Myths

  1. Some sunsets are similar, but all are different, as we are as peoples, in location, warmth, character, and beauty. If I said, a sunset is liken as to the diverseness of humanity, might such a description be too far wrong.

    True to myths, and I like your thoughts..

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