Post for Saturday: February 23, 2013

The Mechanic

Ten hours to fix my car
He didn’t seem to mind
Lying there on a cardboard box
Flattened so the road wouldn’t hurt his back
His hands caked with grease
And motor oil
Swearing occasionally
Pissed off when his hand slipped
Or he dropped a bolt
Certainly he was aggravated
I’m sure he lost more hair that day
But he did it
I watched from the window
Wondering why he attacked it
So earnestly
I wasn’t going to pay him
He knew that
But he did it
Stopping every now and again
To smoke a Doral
Sighing deeply when his break was finished
Yet going back each time
I’m sure
To be done with the job
At last
Ten hours to fix my car
Doing it only to hear:
Thanks Dad,
thanks for fixing my car.


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