The Death of Poe

The day turns slowly into night
Leaving not any trace of light
Having no will left even to fight
This feeling of fear isn’t quite right

Shivering in the closing fog
Eerie sounds echo a song
Forcing myself to walk along
Something not right, really quite wrong

The darkness seeps into my head
I realize it’s only my thoughts I read
And that I did all the things I said
Darkness covers when I am dead


3 thoughts on “The Death of Poe

  1. Meggie, the first verse, although not slow, had an experience of where day turned to night in an instant, as darkness devoured me beneath the earth via a well of depth, the journey seemed long and never ending, till arrival, slamming into the darkness of the pit’s end, to then look up, and there it was, the edge of darkness beneath light’s fringe. A strange day it was, when all was thought to be lost, to then find the surface of the earth to again to walk upon with the life of a wayfarer’s feet and heart.

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