Coworker #1: I usually put seven cathode holders in the funnel to wash because then I know it will take seven iterations of that to fill up the 49 slot wheel.

Me: I can’t take all those jumbled parts in the funnel. I do it systematically, one at a time so I can ensure each cathode holder contains the same parts every time. I do it until they are all done, whether we need that many or not.

Coworker #1: What about you ——, how do you like to wash the cathode holders?

Coworker #2: Eh, I just throw a handful in the funnel and wash each part in any order and then put ’em in a pile. Once I have a large pile, I put ’em back together. I don’t really care if the same parts stay together either.

Me: So, basically you’re the least obsessive-compulsive out of the three of us.

Coworker #2: Yeah, I take medication for it.


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