While you were sleeping
I snuck out
Quietly now
Don’t want to wake you
Softly close the door
Inaudible click

Can’t hear your snores now
Laid down in the grass
Moist with dew
The stars so bright
Just think
Every star out there
Might have a planet orbiting it
One that sustains life
Just think
We might not be the only ones
To stare up at a night sky
To think, tell stories
Myths, legends of ancient ancestors

To seek the truth of existence
In this great, cosmic narrative

I laid and thought
And thought and laid
And the sun slowly rose
From the east of course
Some things are certain
Like me growing bored
Oh, how my body aches when I rise
Go back inside
Inaudible click

Might have discovered the mysteries
Of the cosmos last night
Doesn’t matter anyways
Crawled back beside you
Kissed your lips
Said I love you


4 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Beautiful story across moments… Awhile back, I use to live up on a mountain by a river, and on a Spring night (or any night), there was nothing like exiting the house while everyone was asleep to go rest by the running water, looking up at the stars in a clear night sky. Dreaming of stories around the globe, and of out there, out beyond the inky blue…

    • i love stories that contrast the natural mysteries of the world with the mysteries that exist between people. thank you for sharing and enjoying. i might actually add a line about telling stories in here… always get my wheels turning!

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