Old Friends

You text me from out the blue, and at first
I don’t know who you are
I pretend
Say a couple stock phrases
Hoping your answers will illume your identity

We note after some generic comments, about the weather
The same shit
The different day
Its been three years
Its been four years, you correct me

Ah yes, so long
Back when we learned to drive truck
For Uncle Sam
Back then
Months before being sent to war

You wished we had crossed paths in Iraq
I’m secretly glad we didn’t
I couldn’t handle the fact you weren’t
Going to be mine

But it’s four years later
And you’re single these days
I remember my joy
Our spontaneous kiss
While the Steelers won the Super Bowl
Yes, it’s all coming back

And I wonder, as I often do about myself in moments past
If I could have waited as patiently all this time had I known
When I watched you walk away at San Jose airport, thinking
“I will never see you again”
That some day, some random January day,
In 2013
We might finish what we started

All those years ago.


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