Meditation on Harnett’s The Old Violin

A Song silenced long ago,

And hung upon the door.

A Letter from a lover,

Sent many years before.

Music ends so quickly,

As lovers sometimes do,

But music’s language is forever,

Love’s language too.

And the Instrument of both,

Sounds between the two.


6 thoughts on “Meditation on Harnett’s The Old Violin

  1. This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my professors. He had mentioned that in archaeology all we will ever find is the instrument, but what we really want and what is most important is the music and we can’t get that back.

    • haha, yeah really!

      your comment reminds me of a professor that said whenever archaeologists uncover ancient artifacts they can’t find a practical use for they always label it: religious.

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