Undetermined Coefficients

The conditions must be designated
For a system to contain a constant
Velocity of light perhaps
Maybe gravity
All in a vacuum
A specified state where nothing changes but the day
At the atomic level it may be random
No definite reason, pattern
And none needed
Because it only occurs after billions of events
A law of large numbers
The same sequence, constant in size, duration, speed
The same slow diffusion of your very being
Out of a hole where something used to be
The same hey-how-have-you-beens
Hashed and rehashed a thousand times
The same false smiles, fake remarks
On how well everything is going
And all you can do is struggle
Against the monotonous repetition of it all
Because you’re locked into an existence that merely rests
Beneath the same sky
The same stars
The same need for something more


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