A beginning, of sorts:

I need some motivation. I’ve only written one poem in the past two years…and it wasn’t all that great. I can do better. I should do better. Lately, all I’ve been writing is dry, boring papers for seminary. Oh yeah, I’m in seminary. Long story. Perhaps I’ll do a post about it some day. Anyways, so I write these dry, boring papers where I feel like all I’m saying is what these great theologians have already said, except they do it better. Much better. I hand in my three (supposed to be five) page papers that are pretty much written in crayon, and I think, I need to write some poems. You know, dig deep, get it out, embody here in reality the perfect storm that rages inside. So here I am, entering the blogging world, hoping this helps me to stay motivated, stay focused. I’ve already posted some previous work for your enjoyment. They’re not in chronological order, or any order, really, but I think they are the best I have. So enjoy, loyal readers, because ultimately I’m not a theologian, I’m a poet.

And hula-hoop extraordinaire.


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